"3 Tips You Can Implement Today to be a More Effective Ministry Leader"

Hosted by Jim Jones, Founder of Valiant Leaders, LLC, and author of the online course Biblical Leadership for Effective Ministry









The Problem

Ministry can be overwhelming with all the leadership responsibilities that are required.  Many ministry leaders have implemented non-biblical practices and wonder why they are not seeing people respond the way they believe they should. Poor leadership in ministry roles has caused much frustration to both leaders and followers.

Some Answers

The situations faced in ministry leadership are many and varied.  Learn three solid tips that you can use today to jump start your leadership journey so you can be the great leader your organization deserves.

Further Steps

You will be presented with an opportunity to engage in a signature online course.  This  training will  teach you how to lead biblically, as well as boldly and courageously.  Jim has taught the principles of this course to hundreds of people over the last few years with great results. 

For Your Consideration

       This webinar provides you with three leadership tips you can implement immediately.  I hope it will encourage you and give you a desire to learn more.  The webinar is also an introduction to the online signature course Biblical Leadership for Effective Ministry - a course specifically designed for individuals who serve as pastors, missionaries, Christian educators, and other individuals who minister within the church or parachurch organizations. These principles apply to both paid and volunteer workers. 

         Think about the following questions:

         Have you ever felt like no one is listening to you? Have you ever wondered what in the world you were supposed to do next?  How am I supposed to respond to this person in a godly manner when all I want to do is stay as far away from them as possible?  Why do people treat me like a position rather than a person and say such hateful things to me?  Where do I find the resources to help me through this situation that I’ve never handled or experienced before?  How do I walk through this circumstance with integrity and not lose credibility?  Why do people keep leaving my church or choosing to no longer support the organization I work for?  How do I encourage people to give to the work of the ministry without feeling like I’m desperate?

         I’ve asked most of these questions and understand the struggles involved in ministry. Emotional responses don't always prove to be the wisest way to proceed and are more likely to bring divisiveness. Responses given after examining the facts and applying the biblical principles of servant leadership have a much greater chance of bringing growth to all parties.

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