PDPWorks ProScan Assessment

Invest in a PDPWorks ProScan Assessment to include a one-hour personal consultation of your results with a Certified PDP Representative.  Discover how this assessment can help you identify your strengths for more effective ministry and productivity.


The PDPWorks ProScan assessment is a scientifically tested and proven system that measures and defines personal strengths. The unparalleled accuracy of this system provides valuable information that will reveal how you function most naturally, the role you feel you need to play, and how you come across to others. The test assesses you in the area of dominance, extroversion, pace and conformity. It defines how you work best, examines your decision making tendencies, your energy level and style. It is fast and easily administered. Results will include a printable copy of your assessment and a one-hour personal consultation with a Certified PDPWorks Representative to discover how this assessment can help you identify your strengths and provide insight and suggestions for productivity and a greater understanding of yourself. A value of $300.00, yours for only $150.00, or FREE for a limited time with purchase of the online course "Biblical Leadership for Effective Ministry."

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If you have further questions, or would like to discuss the process in more depth, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]   

You may also be interested in the PDPWorks ProScan Assessment for a group.  This is a valuable tool that teams can use to understand their current strengths and identify the strengths needed for new hires.  

A PDP TeamScan can be compiled from the group assessments creating an even stronger tool for team management.  

You may follow up with any questions or interest at [email protected] or you may call me directly at 509.979.8763 

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The insights you will learn from this assessment and the related consultation will provide you with greater confidence to  engage more successfully in your work and relationships.


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