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Those who excel in any discipline often do so with the aid of a personal coach.  A coach comes alongside another to provide direction and accountability.  You may have experienced the benefits of a coach in the areas of discipleship, athletics, fitness, or to strengthen your marriage. Pastors and Christian leaders can benefit from a leadership coach who challenges them to lead with confidence, clarity, and compassion.

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A great leader displays confidence without arrogance.  Coaching will help you determine what your personal strengths are and how they can be employed to lead more effectively.  If you don't know where you are going, you most likely will not get there, and may even end up lost.


A great leader understands how to communicate his vision clearly.  Many leaders fail in this area assuming that those they are responsible for just understand the expectations and how to implement directives.  Clear communication and careful discernment allow a leader to create an environment where people flourish.  


As Christian leaders it is imperative to display compassion to those entrusted to us.  People need to know that you care deeply about them and the issues where they are currently struggling.  Listening well and displaying sincere empathy allows others to feel secure  and provide the needed confirmation that you truly care for them.


To request a leadership coach or for further information concerning any of our leadership products, please contact Jim here: [email protected] or by phone at (509) 979-8763


Pastors often struggle with leadership issues, not because they aren't capable, but often because their focus has been on studying God's Word and being able to clearly communicate it to others. Leadership skills can be learned and improved upon.  You can gift a pastor with a personal coach to help them navigate the challenges of effective leadership.  To request a leadership coach or for further information, contact Jim here: [email protected] or (509) 979-8763 


You may not have a formal leadership position, but if you are the head of your home, you can benefit by learning leadership skills.  The principles of servant leadership will strengthen your family relationships by providing guidance in the issues of everyday life. To request a leadership coach or for further information, contact Jim here: [email protected] or (509) 979-8763.  You may also be interested in the other services and products offered by Valiant Leaders to encourage you in your leadership journey.


Although coaching is most often done in a personal setting, there are instances where team leadership coaching is valuable and necessary.  Groups such as elder boards or church staff will benefit from team assessments and group coaching to promote a harmonious working unit.  Contact Valiant Leaders at [email protected] or contact Jim directly at (509) 979-8763 to ask about the details of group coaching pricing models.

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Are you interested in learning more? To request a Leadership Coach or for further information, contact Jim here: [email protected] or you are encouraged to call for an in-depth discussion at (509) 979-8763


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