Are You Confusing Your Skills?

Good Business Sense Does Not a Leader Make

Many people confuse business acumen with leadership ability. Just because someone is successful in business does not mean they are also good leaders. It might be they can develop a great product or service and can get people to buy it from them. It might mean they have a great ability to manage finances, so they are successful. My grandmother was like that. After my grandfather died at an early age, she took the life insurance money and purchased rental home fixer uppers and flipped them for a good profit, even after paying others to do the work of updating them. She was tight with her money and was able to accumulate a very sizeable amount of money in the last half of her life. She displayed good business acumen. However, she was not a leader. She didn’t have day-to-day employees that she had to lead so she didn’t have to worry about interpersonal skills such as listening or empathy, or even having vision. I would argue that...

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Why Leadership Training Doesn't Work

Today I want to talk to you about why leadership training seminars do not work. I know that sounds a bit odd coming from someone who teaches courses on leadership. But there is a big difference between taking leadership courses and going to a seminar. Now, I must admit, I have gone to many seminars over the years, and I continue to attend a few every year. But I have learned that there is no magic bullet that is going to transform someone into a great leader; it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, I have learned that it is a journey that takes time and practice. Here are three reasons I don’t think seminars work very well.

 Too much information given in a short period of time.

There is no way you can learn all that you hear at a conference or seminar. And even if you could, implementation of everything all at once would wear your followers out when you tried to put it into practice. Taking courses allows you to slowly learn and practice the things you are being...

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