Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Fixed Mindset

It has been said that leaders are learners, but not everyone in that role is willing to put in the effort it takes to become a better learner.  A leader may believe they understand everything they need to know to do their job and to get others to do theirs. However, this type of thinking will limit how far a leader can go and take their team. They have what psychologist Carol Dweck calls a fixed mindset. Such a person may be very talented, and they believe their talent will get them through life, not needing to put in much effort to improve.

Talent alone will not sustain you

I have seen very talented people who start their careers well. People follow them because they appear to be someone who will go far. They might be like King Saul, who was taller than everyone else around him, was handsome, exhibited a charismatic personality, and was a talented leader that people were proud to call their king. God placed him on the throne because the Israelites wanted a king...

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Can I be an effective leader without my phone?

Put Your Phone Away 

Being a truly present leader in all your interactions can radically increase your impact and influence. As outlined in my previous post, forgetting your title and focusing on the person in front of you are two important ways to be an effective, present leader. In this post I will am going to give you one more tip to help you optimize how you lead: put your phone away. 

There few places one can go without seeing the ubiquitous phone. It’s nice that people can get a hold of us wherever we go, that’s a convenience. However, as leaders these useful devices can hinder our ability to gain trust with others, which is necessary to become a great leader.

The Value of Pen and Paper

I had a co-worker who never took his phone to meetings. He never even brought his computer. He took notes on paper! At first, this bothered me. When I began teaching college courses, I finally understood the reasoning for my co-worker’s previously thought-to-be...

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Two tips leaders can use to make others feel valued and important

It’s often said that great leaders make those around them feel important.  Yet, how many leaders do you know who orchestrate their conversations to convince you about how important they are: how busy they are, how much they know, how many people depend on them, and so on? If you desire to be a great leader, you have to be wholly present with the people around you. In this blog, I’m going to give you 2 tangible tips for how to have conversations that are truly meaningful that leave the person you’re speaking with feeling valued and important.

Forget Your Title

Here’s a true story of an individual who was entirely too concerned, even to his company’s detriment, with having people know who he is and what position he holds. We will call this leader “Bob” (not his real name). Bob was at a stand-up dinner event hosted by his company for some very important, potential clients. These clients were wined and dined in order to see the organization...

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Why does my fast pace distance others?

     When our kids were young, our family invested in one vacation every year. Most of these vacations were camping at the Oregon Coast or in the Redwood Forest, and there were a few trips to Disneyland. Since we lived in Washington and our budget was limited, driving was usually the desired mode of transportation. I was like the main character in the movie, The Great Santini, making sure that we had a schedule and that we stuck to the “schedule.” That meant no lingering when we stopped for gas or food. I was quite the enforcer.

     In fact, one time when we visited my sister, she informed me that we had arrived late at her house, to which I gave her a funny look. She told me that I said I would be there at 9:10, and we didn’t get there until 9:21 (I remember it specifically because she was quick to point out the time!). What I actually told her was that we would be there around 9 or 10, but she was so used to me having an exact time...

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