Do Over?

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2018

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could have a “do-over” in a given situation? Man, I know there have been many times I wish that I had that opportunity! Well, there is such a thing in real, adult life, and we can stop what we are doing and start doing something else. It doesn’t erase what has been done, but we can begin anew. 

A Visual Example of a Firm Foundation

A few weeks ago, I wrote on the importance of building your ministry on a firm foundation. What has struck me since then is that faulty foundations can be removed and rebuilt. This week I was shown a physical structure where the previous foundation has to be restored to be able to support the current structure above it, so I got a live visual of what I had been thinking. 

Rebuilding a New Foundation

The idea of laying a new foundation is not only an important concept for leaders, but it is vital for all of us. If you are like me, you’ve probably allowed habits to develop over time that are based on a faulty foundation. These habits can destroy us, but we can lay the groundwork for new thoughts and habits.  I recently found myself acting a certain way that, well let’s face, was sinful. I realized I needed to tear up the foundation that allowed that sin to be present in my life and lay a new one that made no provision for that particular action any longer. So I decided I needed to build a new life structure. I decided the new structure would not have the “room” for that sin. When I find myself tempted, I remind myself that room no longer exists; it was in the old structure with the old foundation.  

I continue to think of my life as a structure that has been rebuilt with a new foundation. Does that mean I no longer sin? I wish that were true. Does that mean I’m not tempted? Absolutely not. But it does give me a mental picture of having built my life on Christ who is my solid rock, and I no longer have to be washed away with the sands of temptation.  

Designing Your New Foundation

Maybe you find that you are still operating a ministry based on a faulty foundation, such as started in rebellion against another ministry. Perhaps you are in ministry to prove something to yourself or others, which is not a solid foundation from which to serve. Maybe it was for some other impure motivation that caused you to minister in your present role. If so, how are you going to tear that foundation down so you can build your ministry on solid ground so you can move forward successfully? 

Helpful next steps.

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