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Valiant Leaders, LLC, exists to equip ministry leaders with the necessary tools to create healthy environments where people flourish.

Leadership is a Journey

Becoming a great leader is a process, involving desire, discipline and dedication.  Any new skill can only be perfected with practice.  Practice includes disappointment and may result in failure.  Failure should move you forward as part of the learning process, building stronger leadership skills into your life.  Great leaders create an environment of trust and lead with clarity, confidence and compassion.

Click below to view the FREE Webinar, 3 Tips You Can Implement Today to be a More Effective Ministry Leader and receive an extra BONUS 

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"Thank you for facilitating at the 141st Air Refueling Wing located at Fairchild, AFB …I can attest that your presentation was well received. The feedback sheets were all extremely positive. The information was both pertinent and increased the knowledge of all the audience. I can also state you were very easy to work with…. "

Maj. James Whiteley

"As a leadership coach, Jim has a wonderful way of providing guidance and direction with one hand while holding me accountable with love and grace with his other hand. He takes our appointments and our time seriously, yet he also is a delight to work with and easy to talk to. Jim has proven his leadership in his tremendous experience as a pastor and as a stewardship director. I heartily recommend working with Jim if you are given the opportunity to do so."

Anthony C.

Do you have what it takes?

Understanding personality strengths can assist in the development of a great leader.  The PDPWorks ProScan profile assessment is a scientifically tested and proven system that measures and defines personal strengths. The unparalleled accuracy of this system provides valuable information that will reveal how you function most naturally, the role you feel you need to play, and how you come across to others. The test assesses you in the area of dominance, extroversion, pace and conformity. It defines how you work best, examines your decision making tendencies, your energy level and style. 

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Leadership training builds stronger relationships and creates appropriate confidence, clarity, and compassion for everyone.  Find some practical suggestions that will help you move forward toward being a better leader today.  Download this e-booklet to see how leadership training can improve your relationships with other people and increase your emotional intelligence.  

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What's the Point?

Do you feel like you're already a great leader? Or do you wonder how you got here? Why should you consider investing in a leadership program such as "Biblical Leadership for Effective Ministry?" What are the best reasons NOT to invest in a leadership program such as "Biblical Leadership for Effective Ministry?" Watch the video below (coming soon) for the answer to these questions and more.


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